Marketing Musings

Think video is too expensive for small business marketing? It’s not only cost-effective, but easy to get started.
Let’s Talk About Why Videos Are Great for Small Business Marketing

For several years, video has been gaining traction in small business marketing strategies, but if you’re like 40% of small businesses, you still haven’t tried it. You may have great reasons: your voice takes on a robot quality when you’re in front of the camera or you turn into Evan Baxter from Bruce Almighty. Maybe […]

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Covid-19 isn’t going away, so it’s time to adjust your marketing strategy for success in a new reality.
Now What? Addressing Your Marketing Strategy Moving Forward

Now that there are places beginning to emerge from shelter-at-home orders, while still practicing social distancing and caution, you may wonder where your brand messaging fits. Should you even be investing in marketing when the economy is in such a hobbled state? The answer is yes. While some brands are following their gut reaction to […]

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