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Social Media Marketing Trends for 2022

From Snapchat to YouTube, choosing the right channels for your brand are key in social media marketing.

With 2021 about to make its exit, it’s time to take stock of recent social media marketing trends and better position yourself for 2022. Which platforms rose to the top in 2021 and will they continue to be influential in 2022? Can Facebook (Meta) make a comeback after taking a public relations thrashing?

Who Got Snappy?

Remember when Snapchat was just an app used for sharing photographs with friends? This platform has definitely evolved and almost 65% of Gen Z are actively using Snapchat today, giving organizations a reason to dip in.

Marketers have begun using the app to do product market research. They are able to track trends and get a better look at what is being discussed in more organic situations, which offers an excellent window for viewing consumer behaviors.

Given the big brands that have partnered with Snapchat (like Ralph Lauren) and because of the influx of consumers doing their shopping online, more and more businesses will maximize their use of Snapchat to advertise and bring their brand to a wider audience in 2022.

Getting Granular

Tracking what works has always been an important task in social media marketing, and thanks to improved artificial intelligence technology, companies are getting a more granular look at their data and making fact-based decisions from it.

Segmenting audiences hinges almost entirely on the quality of the data you get from your social media channels. But brands are going to be looking much deeper at datasets in 2022.

  • Use Google analytics to track on-site behaviors and how a user found your website.
  • Utilize survey tools to gain a much deeper understanding of your audience and find ways to connect with them on a more personal basis.
  • Record how your audience engages with your brand on social media via a robust customer relationship management solution.

The goal is to understand what your audience cares about so you can build content around those preferences. Furthermore, having a clearer understanding of your audience influences how you communicate with them in your marketing outreach material.

Facebook or YouTube?

Whistleblowers had some fairly harsh testimony against the social media giant in 2021. Facebook, or Meta as it has been rebranded, which dominates the video marketing world, could see some of its advertising dollars go elsewhere in 2022, namely to YouTube. Does this mean Facebook will drop off? It’s not likely. In fact, many companies have a loyal following on Facebook and will continue to connect with their audiences there.

If brands have learned anything in recent years, it’s that their advertising dollars have more value on YouTube than on television or radio, which is another reason 2022 should be a big year for connecting with audiences on YouTube.

Whether you’re planning to invest more time researching your audience in Snapchat or turning to influencer marketing on YouTube for a more authentic approach, partnering with a professional marketing expert will make 2022 a better year for you.

At SJC Marketing, we’re focused on creating content that matters to your target audience. We not only track trends, but we also help to establish them. Find out more about how you can make your social media marketing matter by contacting us today.

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