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Six Seconds: How to Utilize The New Trend in Video Marketing

Your video marketing may increase conversions with just a six second video.

Six-second clips are the new trend in video marketing, as platforms like Tik Tok, SnapChat and Instagram Stories all push the short format video. That six seconds of video may be short, but it also can be powerful.

It’s six-seconds of persuasion, brand awareness or moving your lead to the next step, a tall order for less on-air time than it takes to pour a cup of coffee.

If you’re wondering what you could possibly accomplish in six-seconds, take a look at some of the impact of short-form video:

  • Six-second ads are just as effective as 15-second ads when it comes to brand awareness, but when it comes to the risk of being intrusive, six-second ads are favorable.
  • When it comes to purchase intent, six-second ads outperformed the 15-second ads.
  • When measuring search intent and brand preference, six-second ads were within a single point of the effectiveness of 15-second ads.

When comparing the two formats on SnapChat, the platform found that 15-second ads were preferable when it came to ad recall, but both were effectively memorable.

What it Means

When video marketing began to emerge as a strategic format for reaching audiences, it was primarily seen as an awareness builder or, at best, an opportunity to share entry-level information. Marketers planned for audiences to transition to a blog and then a white paper, for instance, after viewing a video. Video was not intended to close the deal.

What these trends tell you is that video is now deeper into the sales funnel, helping leads make their final considerations and even converting them to customers.

The Takeaway for Your Video Marketing

Video should not be reserved as only an introduction to your products. Think of it as being a powerful strategic tool for each stage of your buy cycle, from initial contact to final considerations.

Shorter videos also demand a cultivating of your messaging. What do you want to say, how do you want your audience to respond and how can you make it happen in six seconds? It requires a polished brand story, a consistent tone, a laser-focused message.

At SJC Marketing, we are always staying ahead of video marketing trends so that you can utilize it as a powerful part of your strategy. Let’s discuss how to create an effective six-second video campaign.


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