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Your Way to Success With Storytelling

Video marketing, when done correctly, creates sense of empathy in viewers.

Video marketing has become a central topic as people using social media platforms are devouring videos of all kinds. Videos can turn your landing page into a conversion machine. If your videos aren’t drumming up much interest, it may be time to address your approach to storytelling. Video marketing experts agree that when you focus on telling a story, you will engage with your audience.

According to a recent study, the right kind of video on your landing page will increase conversions by 80%. So, what is the “right kind” of video? When you get your storyline spot on, you create inspiration in your viewers who will experience an emotional spark. But you can’t do this if your video only talks about your brand. Rather, you need to present the story from the mindset of your potential customer.

Creating Empathy

People yearn for the human touch, which is why video marketing needs to strive to create a sense of empathy. When you create a video that allows the viewer to experience something through someone else and be emotionally impacted, you’ve succeeded in creating an empathetic video.

The best way to brainstorm a video that will create a sense of empathy is to evaluate your brand and pinpoint what makes you different and what you value as a business. Next, you need to evaluate your target audience and figure out what problems they are experiencing and how your business will solve those problems. Armed with this information, you should be able to come up with content that will move your audience.

Know Where Your Audience Is

If you haven’t created a buyer persona yet, now is the time. When you create the persona you can segment your audience and build specialized content for each segment. Creating a persona also helps you understand where your target audience spends time to gain information on things that interest them.

For example, if you’ve structured video marketing content in a format that is perfect for Twitter but your buyers are more likely to be on Snapchat, you’ll need to do some research on what video elements work best for Snapchat.

A multi-channel approach is also a good place to start. This can include email, YouTube and your social media channels of choice.

Know Your UVP

The unique value proposition (UVP) is something you can establish once you know what your goals are. The UVP is important because you’re laying out exactly what is special about you, a product or service that you’re focusing on in your video.

Your UVP should be in line with your values as a company and put your company culture on display. For many video marketing creators, establishing the UVP is a good starting point from which you can zero in on specific topics you want to cover, the tone you’ll use and finally how you will put the information in front of the audience.

Anyone can make a video, but it takes planning and research to do it right. If you need assistance, our team at SJC is ready to get started. We can assist you in everything from creating a buyer persona to writing the script to shooting the video for you.

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