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Should You Prioritize Video in Your B2B Marketing Strategy?

Budget constraints and keeping content engaging are two of the challenges of using video in B2B marketing.

If you have been wondering what the benefits could be if you were to start making video one of your go-to formats for your B2B marketing, here are some to start with:

Better Engagement: Video is engaging. It makes it easy to absorb information and stay focused and it’s more interactive than a text-only content piece. It’s also efficient for communication; in a few short seconds, you can convey a lot about your brand, your message and your product.

Increased Conversion Rates: Through video, your B2B marketing strategy gets a conversion boost. Video makes it easier to connect on an emotional level with audiences, showcasing what makes you unique and how your product or service can address their pain points. With a well-timed CTA, you can make it seamless for viewers to transition to an order page.

Improved SEO: How many of your customers find you through search? It’s bound to increase if you make video an important part of your B2B marketing. Web crawlers love video and prioritize it on search rankings, making it easier and easier for your audience to find you.

Video marketing isn’t without its challenges. None of these are insurmountable though; you may want to consult with a marketing specialist if you find your strategy hung up on any of these issues:

Quality: It’s easy to feel the pressure to make more and more video content without having the right checks in place to be sure it’s up to the standard you want. There are a lot of things that can go wrong from a quality perspective, from sloppy graphics to forgetting to include keywords or produce a transcript. It could also be something in your messaging, like humor that falls flat or an overall feel that isn’t consistent with your brand’s usual vibe.

Platform: Another pitfall occurs when companies produce a video without a solid idea of where it will be distributed. A video that is made for TikTok, for instance, is going to look vastly different than one you produce for LinkedIn. Don’t try to retrofit your video. Think through your B2B marketing strategy and determine where you should be posting, then create a video that is formatted and customized for the platform.

Resources: Since social media first became a part of the marketing world, it’s been tempting to keep thinking of it as a little thing you can do on the side. It hasn’t been true for a long time. Creating video content and deciding on your distribution strategy takes time and money. You will have to decide how to prioritize video alongside your other B2B marketing initiatives.

When you find yourself dealing with B2B marketing challenges, it’s a good time to consider talking with experts. That’s us at SJC Marketing. We can help you produce high-quality videos to meet your goals and intercept any potential challenges along the way. Contact us to get started!

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