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Should TikTok Marketing Still Be a Part of Your Strategy?

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Reports are emerging that TikTok, a rising social media star, has “lost its sheen.” According to a recent report, the site has seen a “significant decline in brand engagement.” Does this mean your upcoming TikTok marketing strategy needs to be abandoned? Not necessarily.  It does mean you need to evaluate if TikTok is helping you meet your business goals and if you need to make adjustments to your strategy.

Staying the Course

In some ways, marketing can resemble investment strategies. For example, in a down market, the goal shouldn’t be to make impulsive decisions because of the volatility, but rather think long term and only make minor shifts if completely necessary.

Staying the course should also include keeping your eye on consumer behaviors, particularly the demographics that pertain to your brand. If the data shows your target audience remains loyal to TikTok, your content should still be pointed in that direction.

It’s also worth noting that it’s common to see headlines predicting the end of certain social media sites, only to be proven wrong in the long run. TikTok has enjoyed soaring popularity, and it may be that the site is experiencing the kind of “correction” that often happens in the stock market. In other words, it’s balancing out after a surge in popularity. That doesn’t mean it’s time to write it off.

Continued Benefits

TikTok has grown into a platform that has a wide and diverse audience, which makes it fertile ground for planting your marketing content.

Short-form video is only becoming more popular with consumers of all ages, and because this platform is built on this type of content, your continued efforts could yield strong results.

Users are now shopping directly from TikTok, as the site has continued to roll out e-commerce features. This means brands have another avenue of driving sales.

All social media sites require a nuanced approach and one that is unique from other platforms. If that sounds like a time-intensive marketing channel, that’s because it is. But you don’t have to go it alone.

Do you need some direction on how to deal with the ebb and flow of social media marketing trends? Contact us at SJC Marketing. We’ll share some ideas with you that will put more eyes on your brand.

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