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Optimize Your B2B Marketing Strategy and Boost Your SEO

Use social media to inform your keyword selection and SEO for a better B2B marketing strategy.

You know your B2B marketing strategy needs keywords and that those keywords fuel your search engine optimization (SEO). But how can you tailor each area of your marketing to be an integrated machine that all contribute to lead generation and then nurturing those leads to conversions?

In this post, you’ll find out about two areas of your B2B marketing strategy and how they can be used to inform and improve your SEO:

Social Media: You might think of social media as a place to post news about your business, engage with potential customers and raise brand awareness. It’s also a treasure trove of information related to your SEO strategy.

A savvy social media specialist can use platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to better understand what customers want at each stage of the buying cycle. They learn what types of issues cause a company to investigate what your industry does. They find out how their questions change as they dive deeper into the process, comparing options and making final decisions. They ask probing questions to find out what obstacles may lead to a potential customer choosing your competitor.

All of these insights are learned through engaging posts, like sharing a case study that highlights how your company solved critical problems for a customer. Asking the right questions paired with a case study or white paper can help you better understand what other issues are common.

This is important because many B2B marketing strategies stop at identifying keywords for the initial search for a product, but you need a detailed keyword strategy that considers how searches happen at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Video: Video is an engaging format that can help you improve your SEO by keeping visitors on your site longer. Search engines like to see people camp out on your site, interested in what you’re showcasing. Here are a few tips:

  • Create new videos often, and it’s better if you release them on a consistent timetable so your followers know to watch for their appearance
  • Use unboxing and FAQs to keep those customers you’ve already converted coming back for more information
  • Drive conversions by developing videos for every stage. You can have a high-level introductory video for those initial searches, but they should become more detailed and have different elements of persuasion for different aspects of the buyer’s journey.

Developing SEO within a B2B marketing strategy requires an integrated approach to your plan. At SJC Marketing, we always take a strategic approach to keeping all elements of a marketing plan working towards your goals in a coordinated effort.

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