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4 Reasons to Use Videos for Business Marketing

Videos for business marketing can help you reach more people for less investment than other formats.

Visual marketing has exploded in recent years, with businesses embracing the realization that audiences like to engage with brands in a variety of formats. Using videos for business marketing can help you make better connections with potential customers.

Here are four reasons why that’s true:

It Builds Trust: You can fake an image. You can choose a still image that captures what you want to communicate, even if it’s a lucky snapshot out of 300 that shows what you want your customers to think about you.

It’s harder with video. If you’re inauthentic or putting on a certain façade to your brand, your audience will spot it. So when you create a video that’s 90 seconds or a couple of minutes long, your audience feels more assured that you are who you say you are.

It Makes You Memorable: Employing videos for business marketing is a great way to improve brand recall. Providing a visual experience paired with meaningful text gives your audience additional ways to experience your messaging and categorize your brand as something they might need in the future.

It Improves Your SEO: When you create an engaging video, visitors spend more time on your site, signaling to search engines that your website is offering valuable and high-quality experiences. These elements play a role in the algorithm that Google and other search engines employ. There are a few ways to optimize your video:

  • Include keywords in the title and text
  • Use a call to action at the end, telling audiences what to do next
  • Create a transcript
  • Update your videos often

It Has a Low Cost of Entry: You can start making videos with a smartphone and a small tripod. You can invest in a microphone for under $100 to improve the sound quality, and as you add more videos to your marketing it is valuable to have more professional-quality videos. But to get started, you don’t need much more than a few good ideas and some loose scripting to keep things on track. Try a how-to video, a set of FAQs or a behind-the-scenes tour.

Videos for business marketing helps you reach more people with a small investment. It gives your brand a more dynamic presence on social media, and it helps your audience feel connected to your brand. Our team at SJC Marketing would love to get started on a video campaign that makes your brand shine.

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