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Let’s Talk About Using Videos in Your Instagram Campaigns

Building quality content – there is no substitute in a well-rounded video marketing strategy.

Sharing With Your Instagram Audience Through Video Marketing

Instagram has a lot to offer, and if you’re only using a small percentage of the tools on it, you’re missing out on an opportunity to improve your outreach. If you want to see engagement grow among your target audience, focus your next Instagram campaign around “Stories” you create to share your brand.

Video marketing is stepping into high gear this year and Instagram is a perfect platform for you to experiment. In order for this to be effective, you have to watch for a few important things.

Content and Timing

When a user scrolls through their Instagram feed, videos automatically begin playing, so you have to make sure your video begins with something that will entice the viewer and keep them watching. Ultimately, you want the viewer to get pulled in enough that they’re willing to put more time into investigating your brand.

You can highlight any number of aspects of your brand, whether it’s products, services, news, tutorials or general entertainment. Regardless, spend time creating quality content.

The How-To Approach

Some of the most effective videos are the ones where you walk through a how-to of your product or service you’re highlighting in the Instagram campaign.

Not everyone is going to have their sound on, so don’t rely on audio and visual alone — build in some text to inform the viewer who keeps the sound off.

Special Offers

When you’ve got temporary information that you don’t want to be a permanent fixture in your feed, use Stories. Your videos, graphics and text here will only last a day, so this is a great opportunity to push limited time offers.

Stories also allow you some room to be spontaneous and show your personality. This is important because the more a consumer feels connected to your brand, the more loyal they’re going to be.

You can even utilize an Instagram campaign to gather information on your target audience. For example, host a live question and answer session where you can field queries from users, which can actually be sent ahead of time.

At SJC Marketing, we’ve helped clients with many Instagram campaigns where they’ve launched new products, boosted their audience engagement, created new leads and gained more followers. Contact us and let’s talk about a strategy for you.

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