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Let’s Talk About Outsourcing Your Small Business Marketing

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Getting the word out about your company might seem easy at the surface level, but anyone serious about small business marketing knows there are complexities involved in getting it right.

A recent report from Constant Contact titled “Small Business Now: The Current State of SMB Marketing,” lays out some revealing insights that speak to the complexities involved in taking on small business marketing and how overwhelming it can be.

Small business leaders wear many hats, often this includes doing all the marketing.  As a leader, owner or manager you likely are a strong leader– but are you a marketing expert?

The Burden of DIY Marketing

So, where do small business leaders struggle most? The report from Constant Contact reveals that the bulk of respondents (51%) say creating content is the biggest burden. From writing copy to pairing it with relevant and engaging visuals, they struggle to find the time to do this effectively.

But leaders also say they spend a lot of time planning their marketing strategy, which makes sense given most don’t come from a marketing background.

Analyzing the results and determining what is working and what needs improvement is also a sticking point, as is choosing the distribution channels and posting the content. Respondents also mentioned the burden of managing ad campaigns as a problem area.

Challenges to Overcome

Small business marketing success stories involve campaigns where new customers come on board with a brand as a direct result of the content they absorb. Success is also measured in retaining current customers. These successful campaigns are the result of strategies that send the right message through multiple platforms or channels.

Success stories are not usually the result of a DIY marketing campaign. Rather, they involve seasoned experts who understand the trends, best practices and how to provide results to clients.

Outsourcing Perks

When you outsource your marketing needs, you are taking the burden off your shoulders, freeing up time to do what you do best rather than using that time to plan and execute your marketing. The end result is a more efficient use of time, which can boost business objectives, while also seeing a good return on your outsourced marketing investment.

That’s what we offer at SJC Marketing – a full suite of marketing services that bring tangible results to our clients. Need assistance with your small business marketing? Contact us today.

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