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Monday Morning Coffee at Avenue City Grocery & Oil Co.

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When we talk about rare things, what comes to mind? Is it finding a four-leaf clover in an endless pasture? Is it winning the lottery or witnessing a blue moon? Nestled in the heart of Avenue City, Missouri, is a grocery and gas station that pumps its customers’ gas for them.

This is a place where customers are taken back to the days of old and introduced to some true, small-town hospitality. Located at 18172 Highway 169, Avenue City Grocery and Oil provides its community with the most convenient, and customer-oriented experiences around.

Image of a gas station and convenience store, taken from the road with a sign in the foreground.

Avenue City Grocery & Oil offers locals and those passing by a quick and convenient goods and services stop. With everything from essentials like milk and eggs to fun snacks like pizza rolls, candy and soda, customers will be sure to find something to their liking at this one-stop shop. They can even make you a sandwich if you find yourself in a bind. Avenue City Grocery and Oil is the perfect place for a last-minute grocery run or an adventurous trip with family or friends.

Image of the inside of a convenience store, with rows of cleaning supplies and snacks lining the shelves.

More than food and drinks, Avenue City Grocery and Oil offers the most hospitable service in the area. Gas fill-ups don’t require you to exit your vehicle. Simply pull up to the pump, and a friendly team member will be out to help you with whatever you may need. They will check and fill up your tires, clean your windshield and pump your gas. You’ll never want to do it yourself again.

Avenue City Grocery and Oil Co. is about so much more than pumping gas. It’s about hospitality and the small-town experience you receive. It’s about the history of the store, and its standing as a beloved business in the area. So, if you ever find yourself traveling northeast on Highway 169, low on gas or just hungry for a sandwich, consider stopping by this hidden gem of an establishment. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the things you find and the service you receive.

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