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Enhance Brand Awareness With Video Marketing

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Humans have always been highly visual, but as technology caught up to the digital demands video requires, consumers have made it clear that their preference for absorbing content focuses largely on videos. It’s no surprise then that video marketing has captured the attention of companies small and large, but getting it right requires understanding your target audience, including the platforms they use to consume video and other content.

Long or Short Form?

There’s not a formal debate over the appropriate length of effective videos in marketing, as the length of videos varies depending on the desired outcomes. The decision to go with one or the other is largely based on the preference of the target audience. Are they there purely for ”snackable” content or do they want something more in-depth that fully explains a topic? A short-form video can also be effectively used to entice the user to click on the long-form version of the video.

According to Wistia’s 2024 “State of Video” report, longer videos usually catch more clicks per page visit. This could be because they are posted to specialized pages that attract users who are looking for specific information and are therefore more likely to hit the play button.

But the report also shows that while short videos don’t get the highest play rates on a web page, they still get many views. Respondents to Wistia’s survey are showing more interest in producing shorter videos, as 30% of those who didn’t make short videos in 2023 planned to do so in 2024.

Channel Characteristics

When deciding on the length of the videos, creators must also consider what users expect while using various channels. For example, TikTok users expect to see short-form videos, anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds, mostly because they are there almost solely to be entertained. If your audience is more into “explainer” videos, which can go an hour-plus, YouTube is the channel for that form of extended content.

While TikTok has and continues to see some political controversy, brands are still flocking to the site to distribute their content. According to HubSpot’s survey, 42% of marketers use TikTok and 56% of them said they plan to increase their content development for that channel in 2024.

Rather than risk producing content that can cause you to take steps back, partner with a professional who can give your brand a boost. That’s what we do at SJC Marketing. Check out what we do and let’s talk about our approach to promoting your organization.

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