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Is Video Marketing Effective for B2B Companies?

Create content for video marketing that speaks directly to your target audiences’ needs.

What is the best way to convert B2B leads into buyers? If you take into account that 95% of consumers say video plays a big role in educating them about products and services they need, then you realize video marketing can be a key tool for conversions.

A video can identify a problem common to B2B buyers, detail the multiple facets of that problem and then offer them a solution.

Video Effectiveness

According to a Brightcove marketing report, 70% of B2B buyers prefer video to research reports, whitepapers, webinars and infographics for creating awareness about various business challenges. The report also found that 93% of B2B buyers said the videos they viewed helped them build trust in the brands they spend money on.

The report also explores the unique role that video marketing might play in a purchasing decision and the topics that buyers appreciate. Here are a few you might consider as you create videos intended to help you connect with buyers:

  • How to solve and understand problems
  • Hear from customers about their effectiveness and ineffectiveness
  • Share information with stakeholders
  • Evaluate competitors’ core values

There is no doubt that video is a high-impact medium and that there are many uses for it. If you’re seeking an avenue for trust-building, almost 93% of B2B buyers say video is the way to go.

Popular Video Themes

Just about every organization has different needs, which is why the flexibility of video marketing fits into so many different strategies. The way you build video content will largely weigh on the needs of your customers, but the following are some of the most popular topics for video content:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Brand stories
  • Product reviews
  • Hearing directly from thought leaders
  • Educational videos
  • Industry trends
  • Demonstrating products

At SJC Marketing, we help clients create content that builds their reputation as an expert in their industry and helps them connect with potential customers. Contact us and learn more about our approach to generating new leads with video marketing.

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