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Instagram Marketing for Better Engagement

Instagram marketing strategies can help you build a more active and engaged audience.

Juggling different social media platforms to find what works best for your business can be challenging. But for those focused on conveying a message through imagery, Instagram marketing is key for your marketing strategy.

Instagram has more than two billion monthly users, which is reason enough for some companies to invest there. And even if you are a small business or work in an industry that may not seem visually oriented, don’t write off Instagram. No matter what your industry or business is, you can increase your brand awareness on the platform.

Boosting Engagement

Instagram marketing focuses on pulling in the target audience and enticing them to spend some time with your content. It’s easy for users to engage with what they see and make comments. They can also share posts they like, which is a perfect, organic way of spreading your message about your brand.

This type of engagement doesn’t happen automatically. To get the most out of your Instagram marketing efforts, you must take high-quality photos and videos and use the right hashtags. To step it up another notch you can partner with another brand or get an influencer on your side.

You can also boost your engagement by keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing on this platform. Track what’s trending and see where you might be duplicating what your competitors are posting.

Steps for Success

Utilizing Instagram Stories has proven to help businesses not only engage with their target audience more regularly, but also help grow the audience, post a variety of content and drive more traffic to websites.

You can also utilize user-generated content, accessing customers’ Instagram Stories about your brand to your benefit. And while Stories expire after 24 hours, you can keep them working for you indefinitely by highlighting customer Stories on your Instagram profile. This keeps that content in your profile where your target audience can find them.

Another Instagram marketing tip is to utilize what they say about your brand in your posts. Customer reviews are highly trusted by other customers, so let them speak for you.

Outsource to a Professional

Building a social media strategy that speaks to your target audience isn’t easy, but creating content that has the potential to attract a new audience is even more difficult. That’s why so many organizations outsource to a professional to assist them.

At SJC Marketing, we’ve created Instagram marketing strategies and content for many organizations, so let us help you. If your goal is to gain engagement, we’re the partner you want on your side. Contact us and let’s talk about a great Instagram strategy.

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