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How to Use LinkedIn Marketing to Build Your Reputation as an Industry Expert

LinkedIn marketing offers a unique opportunity to create a profile focused on your business.

There’s something special about your company. You’ve got decades of experience, a product or service that meets consumer needs and you have a team with deep and broad expertise. LinkedIn marketing provides the perfect venue for sharing this aspect of your company with the public.

While you can certainly work on sharing your expertise on other social platforms, LinkedIn is the one that people visit mainly for B2B sharing. That’s why you’ve got to maximize your LinkedIn marketing opportunities to showcase your brand if you want to develop a reputation as an expert in your field:

Decide Who Will “Be” Your Brand: Your brand needs a face, but it doesn’t have to be your founder, your president or your CEO. It should be someone who meets the following criteria:

  • They kind of enjoy being in the spotlight.
  • They’re willing to share a few personal details to connect with audiences.
  • They’re comfortable on video.
  • Most importantly, they’re an expert in your industry.

You may have several people in your company that fit these qualifications, and it’s a great idea to have several expert voices representing your brand. Just keep in mind that this will require a coordinated effort in terms of scheduling content and ensuring consistency in areas like voice, length and frequency.

Optimize Your Profile: LinkedIn marketing offers some specific strengths, and one of those is the ability to set up a business profile with some cool perks. Your profile should clearly state who you are, what you do and the value your company offers.

One great feature is that you can add the pronunciation of your name, but you get a full ten seconds, so you might as well make the most of it and introduce yourself in a compelling message.

You can also choose the LinkedIn creator mode from your smartphone, which allows you to record a 20-second cover story video. These are both features that require a little digging, so many marketers using LinkedIn aren’t using them.

Develop a LinkedIn Content Strategy: In using LinkedIn marketing to promote yourself as an expert, you’ll need to create posts that are interesting enough to get your brand seen. Try one of these fun ideas:

  • Polls: Ask them to post their answers in the comments but throw in a little request for an explanation. You’ll see conversations get rolling quickly.
  • Carousel: Post a series of text-based content that displays your expertise in a way that’s easily consumed by audiences.
  • Videos: Don’t try for perfect; try for authentic. You can do some light editing to remove your “ums” but this is all about making real connections through short videos between 30 seconds and three minutes long.

Looking for some LinkedIn marketing help? At SJC Marketing, we are all about helping you get back to your core business. Let us develop a social media strategy for you that delivers results with minimal effort.

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