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How Do You Capture Your Brand Messaging Effectively With Graphic Design?

Effective graphic design keeps the audience in mind, with colors and lines that are attractive to them.

Graphic design is the perfect example of why marketing is both a science and an art.

You anticipate fun discussions over your color scheme and creative elements. And while this is part of the brainstorming, there also needs to be an extensive discussion about your target market and your branding.

Here are three key elements of graphic design that highlight why you need an expert:

Design With Your Audience in Mind: Your look has a lot to do with you, but it also has to do with your audience. Knowing who is most likely to buy your product or service will help you create a look that connects with your target market.

For instance, a party planning service trying to create promotional materials to cater to bridal showers and engagement parties would not want to focus on hard, bold lines or a primary color scheme. They would want to be on-trend and utilize the hazy, dreamy look that their audience associates with life-changing, happy events.

Keep Design Simple: Graphic design epitomizes the cautionary cliché, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” Getting the right balance between user-friendliness and aesthetic appeal is why you hire an expert.

When a landing page or an email offers graphics that look clickable but aren’t or a page with a menu that’s hard to recognize, you begin to lose potential leads. A graphic designer will know how to balance messaging, graphics and menus for an attractive presentation with optimal usability.

Be Consistent with Branding: Your look should be recognizable, distinct from your competitors and consistent across every channel. You will need to develop a set of brand guidelines that specify colors, fonts and visual concepts so that your look becomes so distinct that it’s identifiable in a glance.

Looking for an Expert? At SJC Marketing, we know the ins and outs of graphic design and all of the potential pitfalls that can keep your design from effectively capturing your brand. Contact us to get started with an initial consultation. You’ll be looking good in no time!

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