Email Marketing/Marketing Automation

Email marketing is an opportunity to deliver an important message or value-added content directly to the inbox of your target market. It is an affordable, measurable and effective way to reach your audience through a means that isn’t disappearing and is accessed on a daily basis.

Email marketing campaigns can get very targeted. Want to send a triggered email to someone after they download one of your white papers? No problem. Want to send a potential customer an abandoned cart email? We can do that.

An email marketing campaign needs a strategic marketing plan which is why the professionals are here and ready to help. In addition, through a marketing automation platform, you can track the activity that visitors are making on your site – how often they’re interacting, what blogs they are readying, even down to who they are. Creepy right? Nah. It’s a great tool for lead generation, helping your sales team know if a lead is cold, warm or hot and ready for you to take action.

We’d love to tell you more about the possibilities with an automation platform and how email marketing can help your lead generation strategy.