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Did Social Media Predictions for 2021 Hold Up to the Hype?

Predictions about social media marketing don’t always ring true.

Have you ever jumped on a social media marketing trend that was projected to be the “next big thing” that would land you more leads and get your brand out in front of the competition? While it’s good to keep your ear to the ground on such topics, some trends and predictions don’t live up to the hype.

According to a HubSpot survey of more than 1,000 marketers spanning the globe, working with an influencer to gain awareness and traffic has led many companies to gain a wider audience. Another hot trend is short-form video, which is TikTok’s bread and butter but also used in Instagram marketing content, and to some degree YouTube.

The one-two punch of influencer marketing and short-form video could be a path to follow but did the predictions regarding one channel’s dominance over another in 2021 hold true?

TikTok Dominance?

TikTok use is growing rapidly, but its rise to the social media marketing throne, which was predicted to occur in 2021, fell short. HubSpot’s survey found that rather than TikTok being the channel for gaining influencer assistance, the top channel was Instagram. The platform, which caters to short-form video as well as photography, is more versatile than TikTok and is one reason why influencers are more attracted to the site.

You no longer have to star in a reality television series to be an influencer, which is something savvy marketers have picked up on as they seek out “micro-influencers.” Rather than having an audience in the millions, these influencers usually have between 10,000 and 100,000 followers, which means they are usually more engaged and can be a huge asset to brands that are attached to that micro-influencer.

Is Facebook Failing?

In late 2020, the prediction was that Facebook had completely lost its luster and would be a dinosaur in 2021 – basically useless as a social media marketing platform. That was a rather bold prediction that didn’t hold true.

Facebook still generates 1.5 billion daily active users, particularly to brands that attract an older audience. In fact, HubSpot’s survey shows that Facebook outperforms other channels in return on investment and engagement. Digital advertising continues to have an audience with Facebook users and should be considered a part of your multi-channel approach to marketing.

Outsource Your Marketing Needs

There’s only so much you can do in-house to establish your brand’s platform in social media. When you work with a marketing professional that focuses solely on getting more eyes on your brand, you can do what you do best – focus on your business. At SJC, we will help you build a strategy and marketing content that will influence your target audience. Contact us and let’s discuss partnering to reach a wider audience.

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