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Cookie-Related Changes May Mean Opportunities in Your Marketing Strategy

As marketers, we tend to be an optimistic group: always about going after new opportunities, confident that growth is on the horizon. So, when Google and Apple began signaling that support for third-party cookies was waning, we realized that we had a new challenge: how would a marketing strategy look without cookies?

Ultimately, optimism reigns again, because these big-name companies are acting in the interest of consumers, and getting in tune with consumers is what we do best.

Cookies Held Some Clear Benefits for Consumers. You may have noticed that since the mid-1990s, when cookies got their start, your ads have become more and more relevant. Sure, you might scratch your head at a few things in your Facebook feed, but by and large, your ads are showing you what you care about.

But There’s a Concern, Too. Even as advertising became more tailored and personalized and a good marketing strategy made the most of these elements, there has been a growing discomfort among consumers about who holds control when it comes to digital identities. Some consumers felt a bit concerned about having their online activity tracked.

A New Era: Today, as the tech giants are phasing out cookie support, you may be wondering how it will impact your marketing strategy. If you invest in ads on social media or on Google, it will certainly make a difference to not have the data that cookies provided.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Content: Your best connection with your audience has always been rooted in providing value through insightful content. These ways of engaging potential leads are far more potent than cookie-based lead generation.
  • Authenticity: Sure, gathering data through third-party cookies is a great way to identify markets and segments within that market, but it’s not the most meaningful way to connect. Building relationships with consumers is your best approach, and that happens outside data-focused strategies.
  • Innovation: Marketers are a creative crew, and there’s room here for new ideas that will make everyone wonder why they ever thought twice about the loss of cookies.

Contact us at SJC Marketing to learn more about adjusting your techniques for a cookie-free growth plan.

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