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Content Marketing to Fuel Your Bottom Line

Develop relevant and valuable content marketing for improved customer loyalty.

Your business can rely on a variety of tools to gain traction with your target audience, and among those tools, one key is content marketing. By creating content that is valuable to the consumer because it is relevant and addresses their pain points, you can boost the number of eyes on your brand and engage on a deeper level with consumers.

A Broader Approach

In marketing, the goal isn’t just to sell more products or services. It’s important to take a much broader look at what the impact of your daily marketing tasks accomplishes. And while boosting the bottom line is an important objective, building up the brand image is what will create loyal customers, and that is what content marketing has the power to do.

Content marketing itself has a broad outreach because it can be used in all of your channels. For example, say you created a campaign for a product with text, video, photos and graphics. The content from that campaign can be slightly tweaked and used in blogs, podcasts, email marketing and a variety of social media.

Tips for Success

A multi-channel approach to marketing is always smart, which may include traditional marketing, but digital marketing will likely represent the bulk of your content. Therefore, you have to consider your approach to SEO (search engine optimization). This means you need to spend time researching keywords to use in your content that will help you gain higher rankings on search engines.

All that work could be for nothing though if you don’t keep your website information up-to-date. Search engines algorithms may punish sites with obsolete content. Make sure your site is fully up-to-date and that all content is current and relevant.

Once your audience lands on your site, make sure you have the content built up to keep them there. Content is only “king” if is hook-worthy and engaging. The use of visuals is crucial in pulling in your target audience and capturing their attention long enough that they stay on your site. Also, your research should uncover your target audience’s needs, which you should address in your content.

Who Should Write Your Content?

There are generally two ways to focus more on your content marketing: hire an agency or build up your own marketing staff. Many organizations don’t have the resources to establish a team of marketers in their office. Building up a marketing department is akin to starting a completely separate business, which is why hiring an agency may be a great choice for your company.

At SJC, our team of professionals bands together as a unit to create content marketing campaigns for clients in many industries. We focus on developing strategies that consider every aspect of a content marketing campaign that will be of value to your target audience.

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