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Should Pinterest Be a Part of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Reach your social media marketing goals by getting more visual with your content.

Facebook, YouTube and Instagram might rank among the top in daily user activity, but don’t rule Pinterest out as a part of your social media marketing. With an estimated 450 million monthly active users, your strategy could have an audience with Pinterest users.

The raw data shows that a wide span of generations use Pinterest, so it’s not relegated to one demographic. Users are attracted to this visual format and brands can gain a lot of traction with their ad placements. Most users come to Pinterest primed to make a purchase, which means it could be a valuable way to increase sales.

Who Gets the Most Out of Pinterest?

Companies that center around fashion, beauty or décor are key businesses that can find success marketing on Pinterest. These are industries where the target audience looks for visual guidance and Pinterest serves as an excellent platform for that. But that doesn’t mean your industry can’t have similar success.

Consumers are motivated by visuals. They are attracted to stimuli such as photos and videos, which means when you create content, it is crucial to involve visual elements. And unlike Instagram where your older content will be tougher to find as it gets buried behind new content, Pinterest works differently, which means your posts have staying power.

Those who get the most out of Pinterest are companies who know what kinds of visual marketing their target audience engages with most. The better you are at creating captivating images, the more likely your audience is to pin your posts and create boards that are visually pleasing to them.

Pinterest and B2B

Manufacturing, engineering and other B2B companies have also had success with Pinterest, which are not industries often first thought of when looking at target industries to market on this platform.

B2B companies just need to think outside the box a little bit to find success on Pinterest. A few key insights for this include:

  • Make sure to show your brand’s personality
  • Become familiar with the Pinterest algorithm
  • Utilize ads
  • Focus on visual content
  • Be active with other users in your industry

As always, multi-channel approaches work best in any social media marketing effort. The goal is to go where your audience is, but you can also reach into platforms where you might be able to generate interest in an untapped audience.

At SJC Marketing, our team knows how to leverage the power of Pinterest and other social media platforms, so let’s get started on connecting with your audience.

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