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Content Marketing and Storytelling are a Perfect Match for These Reasons

Use content marketing to build trust in your brand through quality storytelling.

Consumers are a wise and wary bunch. They can smell a sales pitch a mile away, but at the same time, they appreciate receiving information they can trust to help inform their buying decisions. Content marketing, when developed and used wisely, speaks directly to your target audience and gives them what they need to make smarter decisions with their money.

While advertisements focus on specific products and services, drilling down into their specific functions, content marketing is more about telling a story than it is about pushing a product. In essence, you’re selling customers on your brand story and your company culture.

Storytelling in Content Marketing

Consumers appreciate honesty. They seek to build a relationship with a brand based on their ability to trust and respect what a brand does. Storytelling provides that and also the following.

  • Leads to Return Business
    Storytelling in content marketing gives consumers a reason to come back for more. Statistics and facts are important, but consumers yearn to have a deeper understanding of a brand before they become loyal to it, and storytelling is the way to get the relationship to that level.
  • Personality
    A brand is just a name and a logo without storytelling. Use content marketing to talk about what goes on behind the scenes of your company, introduce employees and give voice to your company leaders, and provide those detailed insights that offer a clue to what the personality behind the brand really is.
  • Emotional Connection
    Consumers need to know they’re more than a number to the brands they invest in. Storytelling gives you a chance to address their specific needs, perhaps even through a customer testimonial, and prove to them that you’re empathetic and interested in providing solutions.

Content marketing at its finest involves deep research on the target audience and brings insights into their pain points, needs, wants and distributes content through the platforms they are most likely to encounter marketing, whether it’s through a specific social media site, email, etc.

Outsource to a Professional

When you partner with the right marketing agency, you gain a deeper understanding of your potential customers and begin creating content that speaks directly to them. That’s what we offer at SJC. Contact us and let’s talk about ways to effectively tell your story.

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