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B2B Website Design Elements With Proven Results

Developing the right content is a crucial component in B2B website design.

By most accounts, a company’s website represents a relatively small investment in the business strategy, yet B2B website design is something that is vastly undervalued.

Your website serves many purposes. It can be the place where you inform your target audience, nurture your leads, gain new leads and more fully develop relationships going forward. Your website is where your potential buyers will do their independent research first, as nearly 70% of B2B buyers say they do before making contact with a salesperson. But the design of the website is key for success in those areas.

What About Content?

The more you know about your target audience, the better you’ll be able to approach B2B website design in a meaningful manner, and one of the most important aspects of design is the content that informs your visitors.

When your prospective clients or return customers come to your website, they have questions that need to be answered and problems that need to be solved; that’s what your content should focus on. Start by setting your content marketing objectives based on what you know about your target audience. The following are some of the most frequently targeted goals:

  • Create brand awareness
  • Boost lead generation
  • Create more awareness about products/services
  • Improve sales
  • Advance lead nurturing outreach
  • Retain customers
  • Share industry expertise

Every organization will have prospects with different needs, but if you’re communicating with your B2B clients, you should be able to develop a customized set of objectives that speak to customer needs.

Keep Them Coming Back

People who land on your site might not stay around long, and even if they do, they might not come back, which is why you need to give them incentives to do so. One way to achieve this is to use retargeting ads.

Research shows that a B2B buyer will have visited a website six-plus times before they actually enter into the buy cycle. Retargeting ads can be the conduit through which they are reminded of the value you offer. As they continue to do research after landing on your page and clicking off of it, they’ll see your ad placements for the next month to three months on other sites.

There are many elements to B2B website design that often take the touch of a professional to get it all right. We work with clients in many industries to help them make their B2B website a valuable commodity. Our team would love to talk to you about how we would approach building out yours so that it attracts more B2B decision makers.

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