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B2B Marketing Utilizes Infographics for Maximum Influence

Pull in more interest with captivating visuals in your B2B marketing.

It’s well-documented that consumers are stimulated by images in marketing content, which explains the big push to create more video. But what about visuals in B2B marketing? While there are different responsibilities between a consumer and a B2B buyer, both are susceptible to the impact of images.

Consider this scientific fact about how the human brain retains information: Three days after hearing it, most people only remember 10% of the information told to them. When an image associated with that information is shown to them while taking it in, they’ll recall almost 65% of the information.

B2B marketing experts caught on to this several years ago and began prioritizing visual content. By 2016, almost 51% of marketers surveyed said they were using images. A recent HubSpot survey shows that now, 70% of companies have invested in content marketing that includes visual marketing strategies, with infographics being high on the list.

Benefits of B2B Content Marketing With Infographics

While video reigns supreme in most social media posts, B2B marketing often involves the use of infographics. The target audience for B2B marketing includes people who need to learn as much as they can about a potential asset before they decide to buy it.

Infographics are simply visual representatives of information that you need to impress upon them. The visuals are data that can be conveyed quickly and clearly without much thought. You’re making it easier for the target audience to consume exactly what they need to before deciding.

Spread the Data

Infographics are also easily shareable. You can include them in your newsletters, in your social media posts and in your email campaigns to your list of qualified leads. Should your target audience feel compelled to share your information with a colleague, they can pass it along with little explanation, because the infographic says it all.

Utilize Professional Skills

Need assistance with your B2B marketing strategy? At SJC, we can help you build your strategy and come up with some awesome infographics that paint a picture for your target audience. It’s a valuable resource that we’ve used for many of our clients. Contact us and let’s talk about how to influence more decision-makers and get them into the buy cycle.

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