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Get More Out of Your Instagram Marketing

Staying active and including live content make Instagram marketing more impactful.

With more than 1.2 billion monthly active users, Instagram’s massive following represents a potential opportunity, a gold mine for brands seeking to get their product or service in front of more consumers. Instagram marketing in the U.S. targets close to 140 million domestic users of the app, and those who successfully utilize Instagram have found the following practices to be valuable to how they market on Instagram:

Create a Story

The common practice of brands that have built large audiences is that in every single post, they tell a story. These stories remain consistent with the themes important to the brand, which means when a viewer sees one of their posts, they know who it is by the visuals alone.

Don’t forget to utilize Instagram Stories, as this feature will allow you to string together photos or videos in a montage that creates a unique and more endearing experience for the viewer.

Display Real-Time Content

Users feel more connected to your brand when they see unfiltered content. That’s why real-time content, such as live video and live streaming, can be so impactful and should be a part of every brand’s strategy for connecting with potential customers.

One of the reasons live content resonates with the audience is that it provides that human element that goes a long way in building trust. And while professional images are often the goal, whether it’s photography or video, the raw quality of live content can have more of an impact than content provided from seasoned professional photographers.

Utilize Your Bio

Everyone wants more traffic to their website; unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t allow users to click on links in posts. That’s why it’s important to put any links in your bio. In fact, you’re allowed up to 150 characters in your bio, so take some time to craft a statement that puts your brand in the best light.

Also, consider creating a Linktree account. This allows you to create a link that has multiple links (up to five) that users can click on and quickly navigate to pages that are of importance to you. It’s an Instagram marketing tool that can generate more views.

Stay Active

Users who get more out of Instagram are the active ones. Simply posting content on the regular is not enough – you have to join conversations and add insights to topics that involve your industry. Look around at other profiles and feel free to make positive comments, like their posts and become friends with others that share similar interests.

Need help with your Instagram marketing? Contact us at SJC. We are experts at building marketing strategies and creating content that makes a difference to our clients.



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