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B2B Marketing Trends to Watch in 2024

Learn how to connect to your target audience with these B2B marketing tips.

Is your B2B marketing content lacking creativity? If so, you’re missing out on what is considered to be one of the most important aspects of attracting buyers in 2024. In preparation for the new year, it’s important to check into the trends guiding buyers and we’ve got you covered in this blog all about B2B marketing in 2024.

Customer Experience Enhancements

Not a new trend, you say? While it’s true that personalizing your B2B marketing for improved customer experiences has been on the radar of companies for a while, think about some improvements that can create a big impact. For example, did you know that slow load time is a frustration for roughly 20% of your audience? Making small improvements can lead to happier customers.

Staying on the topic of website improvements for a moment, you may want to take a fresh look at your design and ensure it is user-friendly for potential customers. Is your site as easy to navigate via mobile as it is on desktop? See how you can personalize the mobile experience to make it more enjoyable.

Hyper Targeting Goals

Have you looked into the cost of your account-based marketing? You’ve probably noticed the cost per acquisition is a bit on the high side. This happens when you get more granular and specific in your efforts. And while this can be a useful tactic in efforts to woo a new demographic, it’s not without its drawbacks, so it is worth a look as you develop strategies for 2024.

If you aim at a broader target, you become more flexible in your strategy, providing more leeway for adaptability. Why is this important? Mostly because the audience you target will have new roles sooner rather than later. Within the next four years, the segment you’re targeting now will have changed positions and perhaps even industries. This makes things somewhat unpredictable, which means the broader target can be more impactful.

Quality Content

A constant trending topic is the quality of content. What is quality to most B2B marketing targets? Topping the list is value: what can you offer that will be of value to your target audience? Knowing your customers’ needs will help you create a content strategy for your webinars, blogs and everything in between.

When you establish your brand as a source for problem-solving, you overcome a significant hurdle in B2B marketing: 90% of buyers have a vendor in mind before they even set out to do research. Your quality content can help your brand develop a reputation for expertise and quality.

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