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Enjoy Your Monday Morning Coffee With Country Cookie

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With over 30 years of cookie-baking expertise, this week’s edition of Monday Morning Coffee takes you to a long-time St. Joseph,  Missouri favorite, Country Cookie. Supplying locals with both pre-made and custom cookies, this small, local shop has captured the hearts and tastebuds of plenty of cookie fans. Cookie connoisseurs from all across the area flock to the aroma-filled bakery located at 206 S Belt Highway for a taste of something special.

Stop in at Country Cookie to try one of their thousands of cookies.

Beginning operations in St. Joseph in 1986, Country Cookie has consistently provided some of the best-tasting, aesthetically pleasing and biggest cookies in St. Joseph. Each operating day, without fail, Country Cookie employees produce around 2,000 cookies from scratch, starting first thing in the morning. The sheer quantity of top-quality cookies made and sold daily is quite impressive.

The Country Cookie experience is for your senses: the smell, the look and the taste are all part of the appeal. Customers are always greeted with a smile and the pleasant aroma of freshly baked cookies upon stepping foot into their store. The display of cookies within the shop is both overwhelming and mouth-watering for all who lay eyes on it. Decorated intricately and meticulously, baked slowly and to perfection, Country Cookie is into the details.

Planning a special celebration? Country Cookie creates custom cookies for graduations, baby and wedding showers and more!

What makes County Cookie so different, aside from its cookie superiority, is its ability to fill custom, on-demand orders. With beautifully crafted cookies for graduations, baby showers, sporting events, weddings and much more, Country Cookie has proven to be a go-to for cookies for any occasion. But more than cookies, Country Cookie also offers a wide selection of cookie cakes, fudge and even ice cream sandwich treats.

So next time you find your sweet tooth needing its fix, consider giving Country Cookie a try. With excellent-tasting cookies that never fail to please the eye, Country Cookie and its staff are able to provide your custom treats that are bound to be a hit. We must say, however, the cookies almost look so good you won’t want to eat the but do it anyway.


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