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B2B Marketing Trends for 2022

B2B marketing strategies have changed to include more mobile-first and personalized tactics.

One of the most significant changes occurring recently is that B2B buyers have switched to an almost entirely remote method of making purchases. They’re using digital means of researching, communicating about and eventually buying what they need. B2B marketing strategies must evolve to cater to new behaviors.

For those in the B2C space, this pattern might sound familiar. In B2C marketing, the goal has always been to offer customizable and efficient forms of connecting to the target audience, but this is also true of B2B marketing today. If you’re not hitting your goals with current strategies, consider some of the following tips:

  • Define Your Target

You already know what your target audience needs and how you can meet those needs, but when creating marketing content, segment the audience by digging deeper into demographics and targeting them with content more specific to those individual needs.

  • Put Data First
    Data helps drive the decisions that eventually connect you to your target audience. When you put data governance first, you have more reliable information to act upon.
  • Go To the Audience
    Take a look at your multi-channel marketing approach and make sure you’re still meeting your target audience at their preferred spaces. Distributing content in the wrong spaces will get you nowhere.
  • Flexibility is Vital
    B2B marketing is not a set it and forget it scenario. You should be constantly analyzing your strategy, measuring results and making changes where necessary.

Keep an eye on the trends for 2022, because they could lead to permanent changes that will benefit you greatly. For example, “neuromarketing” is beginning to pick up interest. Neuromarketing focuses on the individual psychology of the decision-makers/buyers. While it’s a bit of a person-driven tactic, it shares some similarities to some standard B2B marketing practices, such as understanding buyers’ needs and desires.

Another thing to consider is your mobile marketing efforts, as this is becoming a bigger factor for the B2B space. In fact, some B2B marketers have taken a mobile-first approach, which has included investing in solutions like chatbots and interactive emails.

If staying on top of the latest in B2B marketing is difficult for you and your team, let SJC give you a hand. We specialize in developing and executing B2B marketing solutions and can get you up to speed, maybe even ahead of your competition. Contact us today and let’s talk about our customized approach to your new strategy.


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