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Are Landing Pages a Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Nurture your leads in the buy cycle with a unique landing page.

A landing page is designed to promote your unique selling proposition. It’s a page where you can offer your compelling benefits or provide inspirational social proof. A landing page will differ per segmented audience and campaign and no two organizations are likely to take the same approach to building their landing pages.

From testing out new ideas to increasing conversions, putting more focus on your landing pages can generate a multitude of perks for your business. If you aren’t putting much energy toward landing pages right now, consider the following reasons why it might be time to look at this marketing tool.

Driving Traffic

Email is often cited as one of the marketing channels that gives you the best return on your investments. Organizations that build their email campaigns around a central landing page put the conversion plan in motion and visitors simply follow the call-to-action and are nurtured into the buy cycle.

Test Your Vision

Before you dive headfirst moving forward with a marketing idea, you can test your vision. For example, you’ve got an idea for a new website but you’re not 100% sure whether it’s going to speak to your target audience. Creating a landing page with the elements of that new website on it can provide you with valuable user feedback that can inform decisions to go forward.

Cost Savings

Establishing a new audience can be costly, which is why tracking cost per acquisition is a good indicator of how a marketing campaign is working (or not working). When your landing pages are centered on your campaign and clearly point your target audience to them, they can increase conversion rates, thus providing you a higher return on investment. Looking to gain better pay-per-click quality scores with Google? Again, landing pages can play an important role in this

Outsource to a Professional

When you’re focused on growing your business and don’t have the resources to put toward a high-functioning marketing plan, building out landing page strategies can be a challenge. At SJC Marketing, we’re here to do it for you. Contact us and learn more about how we develop a landing page specific to the goals you’re trying to meet.

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