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5 Essential Stats You Should Know About Website Design

Your marketing strategy should include taking a closer look at website design.

The Importance of Website First Impressions

Regardless of the industry you are in, running your business without a website will have negative consequences for the growth of your company. Yet having a URL alone will not suffice — you have to have a strategy for executing a website design that will draw people to your pages and work to turn them into customers.

As with any other marketing strategy, you want to stay informed about what’s moving consumers in one direction or another so your website design doesn’t become stagnant and dated. Check out some of the latest statistics about website design in 2019:

1. Loading Speed Is Essential
It’s not a statistic you may have thought much about, but people are increasingly less patient. If your website loads too slowly, you’re going to lose a potential client. It’s estimated that when you increase your website load speed, you prevent a 7% loss of possible conversions.

2. Go Mobile
Almost 80% of adults — your target market — own smartphones. They use their phones to get online more than they do with a laptop or desktop. This means your website design has to be mobile friendly. Test yours often to ensure that users are having the best possible mobile experience on your site.

3. Focus on Responsive Design
The numbers are in and it is clear that a vast majority of users will judge a website based on its responsive design. They might not do this in a totally conscious way, first impressions don’t require a checklist of items to check off in order to come to a conclusion. If your website isn’t built for responsiveness, it’s going to hurt your overall brand image. Furthermore, Google prioritizes responsive websites.

4. Retailers: E-commerce Success Requires a Website That Tells Your Customers What They Want to Know
Nearly 90% of consumers visiting a website want information about services and products, but they also want contact information and to know more about the company. Make sure your website design includes these elements on the landing page. Also, if you offer free shipping, be sure to put that out front as it’s a huge perk for consumers.

5. Third Party Assistance
Developing a comprehensive marketing strategy and optimizing a website is not something every business owner has the time, energy, expertise or resources to pull off. Bring in a professional third party to handle these aspects of your business while you focus on building up your brand and establish your company culture.

At SJC Marketing, we’ve helped many clients in a variety of industries with their marketing strategy and website design. We’re aware of the latest trends and how to boost Google search ratings, so contact us and let’s talk about what we can do for you.

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