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3 Reasons Why You Should Invest More in Video Marketing

Still shying away from video marketing? Consumers say video is their favorite content format.

After experiencing an initial explosion in popularity, video marketing has continued to become more valuable as a way to connect with consumers.

If you’re a slow warmer to visual content marketing, or if you have started to use video but are still getting used to the format, here are three reasons why you should make sure videos are a part of your marketing strategy, from findings from Animoto:

Video Marketing Can Improve Your Sales: Respondents in the survey said that they appreciate using video as part of their decision-making process, with 93% saying it was helpful in finalizing a purchase.

It’s Not Purely Utilitarian: Video marketing can be solely informative, but you can also think more broadly with your video marketing. After all, consumers said that video was their #1 preferred format for content. If you’ve got a funny, zany or creative idea, it’s a great way to make an authentic connection between your target market and your brand.

You Don’t Have to Wonder: When it comes to where you should be posting, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are the three preferred locations where consumers want to access video. But you should know which is the preferred location of your specific target audience. If you’re a B2B company, you want to put LinkedIn into the mix if it’s a place where your ideal buyers hang out.

Here are a few quick tips to refine your video marketing strategy:

  • Put your best content forward. Start with your best idea, your best video, your most entertaining clip.
  • Conduct A/B testing. Try shorter and longer videos, post them at different times and try different platforms to refine your strategy.
  • Tailor your video to the platform. Long-form video does better on YouTube, and Instagram is ideal for vertical video. Don’t simply make a one-size-fits-all version and post it everywhere the same way.

For insider’s tips on how to launch a video marketing strategy, our team at SJC Marketing would love to sit down over coffee and talk more.





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