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3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Content Marketing

The value of content marketing can’t be overstated. Your efforts here will pay off.

Why do you need content marketing in your strategy for reaching your marketing goals? Is it worth the effort?

According to the “State of Content Marketing 2022,” 97% of organizations use content marketing. Why? Because it is what consumers want. Consumers don’t engage with brands that just produce sales ads. Instead, successful marketing focuses on using content marketing to provide an organic way to convey information that educates the consumer and helps them to form a bond with the brand.

Building Trust

Creating a long-term relationship with consumers isn’t easy, but when you can establish trust, you’re on the right track. One thing that develops that sense of trust is sharing valuable, accurate information. When you present well-produced content to them, whether it’s via blog, video or any other form, the relationship begins to flourish. You have the potential to become a thought leader in your unique space and consumers will look to your brand for information moving forward.

Better Search Results

All businesses want more eyes on their content, whether it’s on their social media channels or their website. When you consistently deliver high-quality content, your search ranking gets a boost. Consumers have learned to scroll past ads that lead the page, which is why the click-through rates on ads are typically low. However, top positions that are not paid for have a click-through rate of nearly 40%.

Nurture Your Leads

You’ve probably realized that your nurtured leads tend to spend more money. Today’s consumer wants to be well informed before they make a purchase, so spend some time developing content that nurtures them through the buy cycle. With consistent educational content, you can turn a lead into a loyal fan.

At SJC Marketing, our team is ready to assist you in every phase of your content marketing journey. From researching your target audience to developing content and distributing it through the right channels, SJC can get your brand in front of more people. Contact us to learn more about our process.

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