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3 New Ways to Think About Creativity in Your Marketing Strategy

Creativity isn’t just about coming up with logos and taglines; it’s also about context in your marketing strategy.

It’s often been said that marketing is both an art and a science. You need both the attention-getting punch of perfect storytelling and a way to measure whether that story was heard. You need the outside-the-box ideas as well as the carefully constructed metrics. Your marketing strategy needs creativity that’s applied to both the art and the science of your campaigns.

That’s why you’re about to see three new ways to think about creativity; it’s not just about the color scheme, logo or a perfect tagline. Creativity covers the science end, too. Here are some new ways to look at creativity:

As a Byproduct of Automation: It can be a time and cost-saving practice, but you might think of automation as something that takes away from creativity. Not so. Some may even fear automated marketing because they think it might devalue their contribution to the process. But what automation does is free up new opportunities for the creative side of your marketing strategy.

Rather than poring over data to see which of your landing pages performed best in A/B testing, you have the tools in place to receive those metrics automatically. And you spent those hours creating a funny TikTok prank video instead.

As Context: Your marketing strategy may have designated activities for social media versus email marketing, but you may not be getting to the granular level of context that you need for effectively reaching audiences on different platforms.

For instance, your team needs the right kind of creativity applied to social media marketing. The messages that land just perfectly on Instagram are going to be all wrong on LinkedIn, but many teams don’t make that distinction. It’s one of the more nuanced ways in which creativity needs to be applied.

As a Loyalty-Builder: With grocery prices high and the cost of everything else creeping up, building loyalty with your existing customers is more important than ever. Earn their business over and over again with creative ways to show how much you appreciate them. From personalized promotions to content that answers their questions and solves problems, loyalty demands a lot of creativity.

Even when you know the value of creativity in a marketing strategy, it doesn’t mean that you have every type of creative mind on your in-house staff. At SJC Marketing, we would love to hear about where your business is headed and how we can help you get there. We’ve got ideas, so contact us to get started.

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