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3 Guidelines for Effective Web Design

Good web design offers choices for how visitors will navigate the site and provides a rewarding experience.

When you’re planning a web design or a web redesign, the process can quickly get bogged down in the details. From load speeds and landing pages to fonts and white space, there are a lot of design decisions to be made. But by focusing on a few guiding principles, a lot of the details will fall into place:

Use Web Design as a Guide: Think of your website as a big box store or a large grocery store. When you enter these stores, it’s easy to see how aisles and displays have been arranged to guide you through your visit. This is a healthy way to think about web design, using elements to guide visitors through a process. If they arrive at your site and it’s chaotic in design, they probably won’t stay long. But if your home page offers a choice between an introduction video for your company and a button that goes directly to the product pages, this is a good, clear guide to your visitors.

Provide Options: While you want your web design to be a guide, not every visitor will be on the same path. Some may want to know a little more about your expertise before they peruse your product offerings. Others may be just getting started in their interest and want to see commonly asked questions being answered in your blog section. Provide easily-accessible menus so that visitors can quickly find the information they want.

Test, Test, Test: Your user experience is tied closely to web design. This means you need to do a lot of testing before your site goes live to be sure that it’s going to accomplish your goals for how the visitor engages with your brand. Recruit some volunteers that know nothing about your brand or products to see how they experience your site.

Keep in mind that these principles each have a wealth of considerations within them, with elements like search engine optimization, mobile optimization and visuals all playing an important role in the success of your web design.

With these three overarching guidelines, you will be in a better position to champion web design that leads to growth. Contact us at SJC Marketing to learn more about how to tell when it’s time to redesign your site and what the process entails. We look forward to talking with you!

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