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Why Your Local Business Needs a Content Marketing Strategy

Your small business needs content marketing to build a reputation for expertise in your industry.

You’re a small, local business owner. You mostly get customers through word-of-mouth leads, but you’ve wondered if there are other ways you could be growing. The answer is yes, and the method is content marketing.

Many small business owners assume that content marketing strategies are reserved for big corporations, but there are good reasons why you need to develop a coordinated plan for producing and distributing content. Here are a few of them:

Establish Yourself as the Local Expert: You may be local, but it’s unlikely you’re the only small business doing what you do in town. By posting blogs, producing videos and cultivating a presence on social media, you’ll make sure that when locals think of contacting someone, they’ll think of you first.

You’ll Improve Your Search Rankings: The world of search engine optimization is complicated, but overall, producing more blogs, videos and social posts that include keywords and follow other search engine optimization best practices is good for your search rankings. That means that when a local consumer does a search on what you sell or provide, your company name is more likely to pop up in the results first.

It’s Good for Building Relationships: You know that word-of-mouth tends to work well for you, so why not push into that more? Post conversation-starting thoughts on your social media account and be ready to respond conversationally when people comment.

In addition, when you write a blog or produce a video that answers tough industry questions or provides a how-to in clear instructions, that builds trust with your audience.

Build Brand Awareness: Gradually, as you post on social media and make appearances in search engine rankings, people will begin to recognize the name of your company. It’s a good idea to be present on social media simply for brand awareness.

Looking for new ideas for your content marketing strategy? We can help you create a plan that builds in easy opportunities to connect with visitors and help you design a campaign that converts those visitors to leads and then customers. Contact us at SJC Marketing!

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