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Why The “About” Page Is So Important in Your Website Design

Let your website design and content tell the story of who you are as a company.

People are more willing to support a company when they know the brand they’re doing business with. There are many ways to personalize your outreach, but one of the most common can also be overlooked, your “About” page. While website design is a multi-faceted process, don’t forget to take that page seriously.

When consumers make a purchase, it’s often preceded by online research. Their focus might be on the product, but eventually they’re going to visit your “About” page to learn more about you as a company. If your company hasn’t put much effort into the content on that page, you risk missing out on a potential sale.

Why It Matters

Your “About” page answers some of the most important questions people have about you: The who, what, when, where, why and how. Tell them who you are, what you do, why you do it and all the other things that paint a picture of your backstory. This gives the consumer a glimpse into your personality as a company and makes them feel as if they know with whom they’re doing business.

Also, your reputation matters, a lot. When your brand is synonymous with being a thought leader, an expert, an entity that can be trusted – you’ve done something right. It’s in your “About” page where you can convey these qualities to consumers unfamiliar with your brand.

Another reason your “about” page is important is that when someone types in the keywords to a search engine and your site pulls up, one of the main entry points will be the link to your “About” page. In brand-driven search queries, the “About” page gets a lot of action. This means you have an opportunity to turn heads by making sure you’ve put quality content in this space.

Getting It Right

The approaches to building content for this page will be as varied as the companies that publish them. And while your approach might be wildly different from that of a competing company, there are some similar tactics that are key:

  • Be specific about the facts rather than make claims aimed at hyping your brand
  • Tell visitors where you’re located and how you landed there
  • Use the most interesting information about your company high on the page
  • Don’t be afraid to get personal – your goal is to make a connection with people
  • Talk about your values and make your company culture shine
  • Work with a website design company with professional writers for the best results

At SJC Marketing, we assist companies in a variety of industries with their content marketing needs and website design. Our team would love to talk about how we can personalize your content.

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