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Website Design Updates That Impress Consumers

Don’t risk losing out on consumer traffic to your site. Update your website design today.

If it’s been a few years since you last made changes to your website, it might be time to consider an updated website design. You may not require a lot of time to look for specific areas that could use some adjustments. From the user experience to content creep, website speed to plugin issues, there are many red flags that will help you decide what needs to be prioritized.

User Experience

Has your customer base evolved over the years or has your company gone through some significant changes? These are factors that can create a user experience problem if you don’t adjust your website design to reflect these changes.

Maybe in your original website design, you saved money by choosing a template. While that might have worked okay originally, it’s time to take a new approach – one that looks deeper into your sitemap and overall structure of the site, creating a more user-friendly and more relevant experience for your customers.

The Need for Speed

Consumers today are focused on speed and will not tolerate slow page loads. Older websites are slower to load than new ones, and a few milliseconds can impact the customer perception of your brand.

You can build a fantastic website with tons of great features, but if it doesn’t load within 2 to 3 seconds, bounce rates skyrocket, which means your potential customers will never see all the hard work that went into the site.

Mobile Friendly

The majority of the time that consumers spend online is through their mobile devices, so if your website isn’t optimized for mobile, it should be on your list of updates. In fact, where search engine optimization is concerned, mobile performance is more important than desktop performance.

A well-developed site built for mobile users will include easily accessible content on fast-loading pages. Work with a developer that has plenty of experience with the mobile architecture and avoids missing out on the vast majority of consumers.

Work with a Professional

Need help analyzing your website and updating it? That’s what we do at SJC. We not only build quality content for our clients, we also produce high-functioning websites that are fast-loading, attractive and easy to use. Contact us for more information on our process.

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