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Time to Shake Things Up? Pursuing a Company Rebrand

A company rebrand isn’t just about reviving your look; it’s ultimately about growing your business.

Is your biggest competitor breathing down your neck a little too much lately? Do you look at your logo and think, “Ugh, 1997!” with a shudder? There are many good reasons for a company rebrand, and they can include things like a logo that seems lodged in the world of Friends and Seinfeld, or a brand identity that’s too closely replicated by competitors.

Here are a few more reasons why you may decide it’s time to invest in a company rebrand:

  • Your focus and scope have expanded far beyond what your brand conveys
  • Your brand and logo need new energy
  • You’ve got your eye on a new target market that you’re not currently reaching

Once you decide to rebrand, keep in mind that it touches every aspect of your business, so it’s not something you should pursue halfheartedly:

Marketing Materials, including your website, letterhead and business cards, packaging, uniforms and promotional materials.

Marketing Messages, such as the voice you use in your communications and the look of your visual marketing.

Social Media profiles will be aligned with the new voice and look of your brand

While rebranding will be an investment, it’s one that quickly demonstrates its worth. Consider the following benefits of doing a company rebrand:

It builds consistency. Over the years, it’s easy for a brand to lose its potency by easing up on consistency across marketing channels. Maybe you once had a crisp color scheme, but it’s gotten a bit lax. Or maybe the tone of who you are as a company changes with each marketing piece.

A company rebrand helps you create a set of consistent colors, a company “voice” and a look and feel that’s all your brand.

You can pursue a new target market. A company rebrand gives you an opportunity to find ways to appeal to a part of the market that you just know you could reach with the right messaging. In many cases, it’s not an additional market that a company needs to reach, but a narrower subset of that market. If you try to appeal to everyone, you’ll appeal to no one.

You can raise prices. This might seem sneaky, like the “new and improved” cereal that’s just being packaged in a smaller box. What it really comes down to is brand distinctiveness. If you are able to articulate what’s valuable and unique in your brand, you’ll be able to charge what you want.

You can grow your business. This is what it’s really all about. A company rebrand is fun, and it provides new ways to communicate, but the ultimate goal is growth. If you’re just doing it because you’re bored with your logo or because everyone around you seems to be rebranding, it won’t be worth it. Do it because you’re excited to grow your business.

SJC Marketing partnered with Union State Bank for a company rebrand process. With seven locations and a peppering of different names, the organization was ready for a cohesive look that focused on the values of the Union State Bank brand while honoring the importance of each community where the branches are located.  SJC developed a new logo that still allows the name of each branch location to be highlighted, and the design captures the weighty balance of both the history of the bank with the exciting opportunities in the future.

If you’re ready for a rebrand, our team would love to help you through the process. From a consistent company voice that captures your brand to a visual strategy that tells the public who you are in just one glance, SJC will create a look that’s all you.

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