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The Value of Outsourcing Your Marketing Vs. Hiring a Marketing Person In-House

Outsourcing your marketing may seem costly at first, but the value will quickly offer a positive return on investment.

As your business grows, you may begin considering hiring a marketing specialist. But what if there’s a smarter solution? Outsourcing your marketing offers access to a whole team of specialists and experts, something you’ll never achieve through the hiring of a single employee.

 The benefits of an agency over a single internal employee:

  • You get an entire team of experts instead of one person. What this means to you:
    • A pool of knowledge, experience and expertise and creativity.
    • The synergy of brainstorming, problem-solving and creative content.
    • A team of experts presents a deeper wealth of knowledge in each area: web development, graphic design, content, market research and analysis, etc.
    • You always get a second set of eyes on every project, catching mistakes and offering feedback and perspective.
    • One employee cannot dedicate the time or have the expertise to do all marketing-related work as well as a full team.
    • The position may call for generic marketing experience but the job expectations require specialized services and knowledge from multiple areas of expertise.
  • Cost vs. value
    • While hiring an agency may cost more money on an hourly basis or on paper, the value is greater for the following reasons:
      • Access to many tools and resources, the cost for which is split among many clients
      • The amount of combined experience a team gives would command a salary most clients cannot afford, and hiring someone with that level of experience would mean hiring someone who may be approaching retirement.
      • The price of hiring an employee is beyond the initial cost. It includes a salary, benefits, training and on-boarding. All of these equate to liability, money, time and energy that could be pooled into using someone else’s resources. With an internal marketing position, these all start over as people leave positions and new, untrained people get hired. However, with an agency, an individual quitting or a new employee starting does not cause inconsistencies in all aspects of the marketing efforts.
    • Other benefits include:
      • The ability to still have oversight from an internal employee or person in a position of authority, but delegate work that is outside the employee’s areas of expertise or budgeted timeframe.
      • Free your employees to focus on their expertise, rather than doing marketing tasks. An employee may be an expert in your field, but they cannot be both an expert in what you do and in all things marketing.
      • An agency provides an objective perspective, making them able to make recommendations and take actions that someone viewing your brand from within the company may not be able to do without bias.
      • Oftentimes, a newly created marketing position means going from having no internal processes for marketing to hiring a new employee who specifically serves that purpose. This means no on-the-job training because there is nobody in the company qualified to train someone for it.

Outsourcing your marketing can feel like a big step, but at SJC Marketing we work with companies just like yours to achieve some great results. Contact us to talk about your goals and how we can help you get started. We can’t wait to hear about your company!

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