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The Biggest Reasons to Outsource Your Marketing Might Surprise You

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If someone asked you today what you would compare your marketing strategy to, how would you answer?

Maybe you would say it’s like molasses: a bit slow-moving, but the sweet spot is inevitably coming.

Or maybe you might compare it to a steam-operated engine that started strong, but ran out of fuel.

You may think of it like the reruns of your favorite show. It’s still good material, but there’s nothing new happening.

These are all fantastic signs that it’s time to outsource your marketing. Whether you need a little push to make things come together a little sooner, you’ve run out of manpower to keep your content cranking out or you have a great team but they’re stuck on the same ideas—it all leads you down the path to outsourcing.

The Cost of In-House Marketing

Some companies first think of outsourcing as an additional expense. And who needs that? But you will quickly find that the plan to outsource your marketing is a great way to conserve resources. According to VelvetJobs, the cost of an in-house marketing specialist averages around $78,000 per year.

But there are challenges with hiring in-house, including:

Lack of Flexibility: It’s unlikely you’ll be able to find a marketing specialist who is willing to work a few hours here and there, just when you need them. You’re on the hook for that full $78,000 each year.

Limited Expertise: Another issue is that no matter how talented your new hire is, they won’t come with extensive knowledge of every area of marketing. On the other hand, a full-service agency is likely to have a team of experts:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Copywriter for blog posts and other marketing materials
  • Graphic design artist
  • Videographer
  • Website developer and web designer
  • Photographer
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)/keyword research
  • Social media specialist
  • Metrics data analyst

Additional Costs

Let’s back it up for just one minute. That $78,000? It doesn’t include benefits, such as healthcare, pension, disability, and the list goes on. The true difference in costs could be much greater. When you consider the difference in cost, it is significantly more effective to outsource your marketing.

Additional Value

It isn’t just about the monetary value, of course. There are additional benefits that come from outsourcing that don’t neatly add up in dollars and cents, but ultimately result in growth and revenue for your business.

New Ideas: Even when you have an in-house team, it’s easy to get stuck in patterns. Partnering with a marketing agency brings a fresh perspective to your campaigns and may bring insight from working across a variety of industries.

Trends vs. Fads: When you’re trying to do marketing on the side as a business owner, it can be challenging to know where the important trends are shaping up and how to distinguish these from quick-fading fads. When you outsource your marketing, the team will be able to guide you to the marketing practices that have staying power.

Extra Momentum: If you have a great marketing strategy that seems to have stalled out or isn’t producing results as quickly as you had hoped, it might be a good idea to outsource your marketing. A knowledgeable team can tell you why things have slowed down and what can be done to fuel growth.

While it can be hard knowing when it’s time to outsource a particular area of your business, outsourcing your marketing is relatively straightforward. You’ll not only save on costs, but you’ll gain value in several different areas. Contact us at SJC Marketing. We can grab a cup of coffee, talk about your business and where you’re headed, and see if we can help you get there sooner!

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