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Enjoy Your Monday Morning Coffee at Fatbee Café

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Boba Tea is a popular drink that has been around for more than 40 years but continues to position itself as a fun and unique beverage option. On this week’s edition of Monday Morning Coffee, we’ll be highlighting a small yet delicious addition to St. Joseph: Fatbee Café. Located at 5107 N. Belt Highway, this bubble tea shop offers some of the most creative, unconventional, delicious, customizable and refreshing drinks in the city. Don’t worry…Yes, they still have coffee.

View of a white counter and a set of menu screens displayed on the wall. An employee prepares tea behind the counter.

In the 1600s, tea, milk, and sugar were commonly mixed and consumed among the Taiwanese. During the Dutch colonialization of Taiwan, tapioca was first introduced, and tapioca balls and pearls became common desserts among the locals. In the 1980s, Boba tea was first sampled when one bright Taiwanese mind mixed the traditional milk tea with shaved iced and tapioca balls, and the rest is history. Throughout the 80s, Boba spread across all of Asia, becoming a popular treat and refreshment.

Now that Boba is popular in the United States, Fatbee Café strives to continue the craze by offering some of the best drinks around. Offering authentic Vietnamese Boba recipes, Fatbee Café gives visitors 100% freedom in fully customizing their drinks as they desire. Offering anything from tropical drinks to quality teas, milk teas, coffee drinks, frozen drinks, and even desserts. You’re sure to find something that suits you. With all sorts of different Boba flavors, jellies, and puddings to choose from, you can rest assured that a trip to Fatbee Café leaves you with the most personalized refreshment available.

Two disposable cups filled with tea are displayed on a white table.

Boba tea isn’t just any old beverage, but a true experience. The tasty tapioca pearls found in each sip offer an adventure for your tastebuds. Don’t settle for any old tea; choose Boba tea, and choose Fatbee Café. If you’re looking to mix up your beverage game and try something else for a change, swing by Fatbee Café, where you’re sure to find a flavor, you’ll favor. The possibilities are endless!



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