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Tell it Again: Three Fun Ideas for Storytelling in Your Marketing Strategy

A storytelling mystery can be a great way to tease your audience and spark their interest with clues.

As a business owner, you probably have a love of storytelling. And your favorite story? Yours, of course.

But once you’ve shared your origin story, you may be at a loss as to where you should go next. If you’re ready to mix it up, try one of these ideas:

Unveil a Mystery: When it’s time to reveal a new product line, the launch of a new location or a change in leadership, it can be enticing to your audience to see clues and hints dangled on social media before the big announcement. And it doesn’t even require a major change to your company; you can do a mystery story just to entertain.

An important element of mystery storytelling, or any marketing technique, is to include a role for your audience members. Maybe they have to answer a riddle or take a poll to get to the next clue, or maybe they get a discount if they ride along on your storytelling adventure.

Share a Transformation: Everyone loves before-and-after stories, and you probably have a customer with a great transformation involving your product or service. Instead of simply sharing their testimonial, think about how you could turn it into a compelling story.

Are there visuals that will document the change? Or if it’s a service, there might be metrics that could be displayed in a graphic format. Consider the different formats that you could use for storytelling, with a more formal case study paired with a short video for social media.

Talk About Community: One of the most famous examples of this kind of storytelling is when the outdoor adventure company REI closed its doors on Black Friday to encourage its employees to spend the day outside. It was a good way to practice what the company is all about, but it also demonstrated the brand’s leadership in promoting positive employee practices.

You have community stories, too. Did your team recently spend the day serving a local cause? Or did you have an off-site retreat that resulted in an amazing set of new ideas for your brand?

With most marketing practices, it’s easy to get into a rut and forget to try new things. That’s why SJC Marketing is here. We’ve got a lot of experience coming up with fresh, exciting new ways to do storytelling and we’ve got ideas for your brand. Contact us to get started!

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