Marketing Musings

Authenticity in your content means being real and consistently representing your brand values.
Why Authenticity in Your Content Is More Important Than Ever

Consumers have always been quick to let a brand know when they’ve seriously missed the mark. Who remembers the Peloton Christmas ad which received a scathing response that showed a dutiful wife who was also, by all appearances, a physically perfect wife, working out on a bike given to her by the perceived villain of […]

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Brand generated content is important, but equally important is consumer generated content about your brand.
Digital Marketing for Improving Brand Authenticity

Content Is King, and That Includes User Content Does your target audience perceive your brand and the content about your brand as being authentic? That can depend, at least in part, on the content you’re putting in front of them. For most brands, digital marketing efforts will determine the quality of that content. There is […]

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