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Social Media Marketing for Social Proof Strategies

Social media marketing can help prove your worth to consumers.

Consumers often need proof before they commit to making a purchase or becoming loyal to a brand. Social proof in your social media marketing efforts gives consumers the information they need to move their relationship with you forward.

When you offer social proof to your target audience, you also establish your brand as an authority, which leads to more followers and a huge boost in brand loyalty. There’s also the added perk of creating a buzz about your brand, which means the more people see what you’re up to, the more they fear they will be missing out if they don’t jump on board.

Channels for Social Proof

One of the most influential social proofing tactics is to show your service or product in action. Instagram is a great channel for this because the visual feature options provide valuable information for your target audience.

Who better to help you show your company’s products than your current customers? With permission, you can put together a reel of users’ content with your product or service. This is a great way to make a connection with your audience while also giving your social media marketing a much-needed boost.

Facebook is another valuable channel you can utilize. The great thing about this space is that you can tell longer stories, which means you can put together “how to” content, which is extremely influential and could lead more users to make a purchase or nurture them in that direction. Also, these videos are a perfect of example of quality social proof content.

The Stats on Social Proof

One key way to utilize social proof strategies is to embrace customer reviews, because nearly 90% of consumers say they check out reviews of local businesses online before they patronize them. Furthermore, 55% of consumers say these reviews help them make purchase decisions.

Did you know responding to a negative review can boost your credibility with consumers? Yes, negative reviews are disappointing but can become a bigger issue if you let them hang out there in the wind without tactfully responding. Almost 80% of consumers say their trust in a brand increases when they see how the brand responds to a negative review.

Need assistance with your social media marketing? SJC Marketing has helped many brands in a variety of industries get the word out about themselves via social media. We know all the avenues for creating content that provides social proof about your products/services. Contact us and let’s discuss revamping your strategy.

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