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Is Now the Time to Outsource Your Marketing?

When you outsource your marketing, you get the benefit of a whole team of experts for a small investment.

A lot has changed in marketing in recent years. There’s been an even bigger shift to digital formats, and people no longer want to see ads as much as they want to experience your brand and build a trusted relationship. Keeping up with these changes is just one good reason why you may want to outsource your marketing.

Even if you have a hard-working, creative marketing team, they may need extra help in a specific area or may simply need additional partners to get it all done. Here are three signs you need to call in some relief:

Your team has become task-oriented. It happens so easily. You start out with brainstorming sessions that have energy pumping through everyone’s veins, and you can’t believe all the creativity that is fueling a vision for your brand.

But then time goes by. Your team gets so busy that social media posts become repetitive, and that live event that seemed so innovative in concept has become a rote set of tasks to complete to hit a deadline. You’ve lost the strategic element of your marketing.

This happens to every team, because you’re under constant pressure to fit more into your day, and it’s hard to quantify the value of creativity and strategy. But it’s a necessary part of marketing.

You stick to the same formats. You’ve been talking about trying live video at every team meeting for seven months, but it just never quite happens. You don’t even know anymore whether your monthly coupon in the ValuMail newsletter ever gets redeemed.

It’s easy to get into a rut. What worked five years ago worked so well that you forgot that you should keep evaluating it for effectiveness.

Your team is just too busy. Your team is overtaxed, but hiring a full-time person just seems out of the question. But there’s another way. If you outsource your marketing, you can easily customize services to your budget while avoiding paying for things like benefits and training.

Even better, you get the advantage of a whole team of marketing specialists, all strategizing and planning for your brand. And whether you need a comprehensive refresh or just a few new ideas, you can get the support you need.

We know what you’re thinking… You might wonder how an outside agency could possibly know your brand well enough to tell your story?

It’s because SJC Marketing absolutely loves to hear your unique story and capture what makes your brand distinct that makes us good at working for you. Come check us out and see if we’re the right fit to outsource your marketing and gain some new ideas.


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