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Promote Your YouTube Videos in 7 Easy Steps

Promote your YouTube videos using strategic keywords and engaging content.

You know that video is outpacing other types of content consumption, and you’ve been putting a lot of time into creating visual marketing content. Wait, you haven’t started with videos yet? Contact us today and we will get started! Maybe you’re investing a lot of resources into Instagram and Facebook, directing those dollars to video. Don’t make the mistake of dismissing what is still the biggest player in video, as well as the second-largest search engine next to Google. In order to support a successful video marketing strategy you need to know how to promote your YouTube videos:

Don’t pass go without a keyword. Video marketing isn’t a “build it and they will come” kind of endeavor. Before you even set up your tripod, you need to have a keyword strategy in place. Build your content naturally around that keyword so that YouTube’s search engine will find it not only based on title, but also captions.

Don’t skip this step; it’s critical for your video being found on YouTube. There are free tools online that allow you to identify your target audience and they will suggest keywords based on the most commonly-searched words for that niche.

Post often and consistently. Like Google, YouTube favors companies that post new content frequently, so one of the best ways to promote your YouTube videos is simply to make more of them. You should also post consistently so that your subscribers know that on Tuesday afternoon, they can always watch for one of your fun and engaging videos.

If that sounds like a tall order, don’t let it cause undue stress. If you’ve been engaged in content marketing for a while, you likely have a trove of content ready to repurpose as videos. Find your most well-received blogs, your best how-to’s and infographics and convert them into a video.

Make it personal. One of the benefits of using video is that it lends a certain amount of authenticity to your brand. You’re not polished and you often flub the script? Even better. Okay, so maybe don’t throw out the script altogether and if you have someone who’s a little shaky on screen, make sure you pair them with a more comfortable co-star, but your audience will appreciate that you’re working to build a rapport with them.

Embrace comprehensive design. While you’re thinking about how best to promote your YouTube videos, be sure to think through your branding across your strategy. For instance, you need to invest some time into making your YouTube channel reflect your brand and even your thumbnails should communicate brand values and voice in a thumbnail-size dose.

Get social. Don’t forget that YouTube is a social channel. Talk to your audience like you’re in a conversation, and encourage them to comment on your content. Respond to their comments, and if they request certain material for future videos, use it as a way to initiate brainstorming sessions. And don’t forget to encourage your viewers to subscribe, which is also a great way to promote your YouTube videos.

From in-house videography to design teams ready to help you integrate your brand messaging into every part of your marketing strategy, SJC Marketing is here to help you build your video skills. Contact us for more information.

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