Do You Have a Strategy to Promote Your YouTube Videos?

Improve Your Video Marketing Reach With These Tips

Putting more time and energy toward video marketing has been a trending issue over the last few years and it’s helping to drive engagement for companies across industries. YouTube has fast become a go-to platform to improve your content outreach. However, to promote your YouTube videos successfully, you have to build a solid strategy.

Content Is King

You can upload hours and hours of video to YouTube in an effort to boost your brand, but without the right content, it’s not going to be as effective.

You want to produce video that is going to be of value to your target market. As you consider what content you’re going to touch on in your videos, think actionable, useful and engaging and you’re going to be on the right path for creating valuable content.

Another way to approach your content creation is to think about all the possible problems your target audience might have, and produce video that will walk them through the steps to solve those problems.

If you promote your YouTube videos through a “how to” section, you’re probably going to find that it will be a hot topic for your clients and potential clients.

Call to Action

One way to boost engagement is to use annotations. You have to be careful with this because too many annotations can be distracting and ruin an otherwise perfectly good video.

However, when you do use an annotation, be sure that it is a call to action. For example, put up an annotation that can be clicked on so the user can subscribe to your channel. Put up a useful link that will direct the user to a specific page on your site. Or, if you have a product that is relevant to the video, link to it in your annotation.

Go Multi-Channel

While you’re working on stunning video content for YouTube, don’t neglect your other social media platforms. For example, you can Tweet about your latest video, or put up a quick Instagram video to draw attention to your YouTube channel.

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