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Monday Morning Coffee With CarePoint Christian Counseling

Monday Morning Coffee is a weekly celebration of local businesses, enjoyed with a fresh cup of coffee.

Marketing is all about making connections, and every company knows that pursuing connections with customers is at the heart of meaningful revenue growth. But what if your core business focus was encouraging connection at a deeper level, one that tries to get at the heart of where pain and sorrow originate?

Whoa, you may be thinking. This is too heavy for Monday Morning Coffee. Well, grab your boldest brew, because it’s time to take a deep dive with CarePoint Christian Counseling.

This group of therapists set out together in 2011, with a vision for a new practice that would create the kind of relationships between the team that they sought to cultivate among clients and their loved ones.

“We create space for all staff to process relationship honestly, with transparency about what we’re feeling and thinking, and ensuring that those interactions are seasoned with grace. This means we do our best to share when we’ve been hurt, challenge others when we believe they’ve done something wrong or hurtful, and loving others despite their flaws,” says co-founder Tyler Sparks, who with Kristin Pirrie and David Wilde form the leadership team at CarePoint.

The guiding principle in business practices is that the team calls upon one another to practice the very behaviors they encourage among their clientele. As Tyler points out, “How could we do any less when we ask our clients to do the same thing in their relationships?”

The owners of CarePoint rely on word-of-mouth connections, as well as trusted relationships with other professionals to grow their business. They also engage in what they call Kingdom marketing, which generally involves contributing to endeavors that equip and assist pastors, without regard to whether the service will lead to growth in their business. They also schedule “field trips,” scheduled outings that give them an opportunity to tour and meet with therapists in other agencies and hospital settings. These visits help them build a sustainable network for referrals.

Rooted in all of their efforts is a belief that any good business should stand on its own. It appears to be a solid philosophy, because CarePoint has grown to currently include seven therapists, as well as supporting the education of a number of interns and practicum students from Covenant Theological Seminary, Missouri Baptist University and Lindenwood University. The staff relies on the talents of an administrative assistant to keep their schedule of clients running smoothly.

At CarePoint, the therapists have found a unique approach that doesn’t look a whole lot like traditional marketing. If you’re looking for a personalized strategy that dovetails well with your values and your company culture, contact us at SJC Marketing. Let’s get together and talk about where you’re headed. As always, we’ll bring the coffee.

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