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Monday Morning Coffee Question: Who Wants to be Normal, Anyway?

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Normal. What does that word even mean?

As cities, businesses and families across the country take their first measured steps toward “normal,” we at SJC Marketing have had cause to ponder the phrase itself. And we wholeheartedly decided maybe we weren’t all that normal to begin with. And maybe we don’t care to go back to some version of normal, anyway.

The new normal – a phrase we will all see, read and say countless times – means different things to everyone. While we have utmost respect for all safety guidelines, new habits and preventative measures that have come to pass to help keep us all healthy, we can’t help but reflect on a few normal vs. new normal things. Here are some examples:

Normal:  Meet a new client and enthusiastically shake hands.
New Normal:  Meet a new client and awkwardly, but still enthusiastically, hold off on the elbow bump. Instead, we smile and say “we can’t wait to shake your hand someday.”

Normal:  The SJC Marketing team gathers for lunch, sits elbow to elbow, and maybe shares a few bites.
New Normal:  We order curbside and meet at a local park. Thus, we enjoy birds, green grass and each other’s company all together.

Normal:  Meet to share ideas in an SJC muddle. (Like a meeting and a huddle, all together). Typically, the invitees would revolve around a set team – such as content, social or video.
New Normal:  Gather all the great minds through Zoom, email or plain old phone. We have no invisible fence. Not that we really did before, but now that we aren’t meeting face-to-face as often, everyone’s free to join in via cyber technology.

We are still new at developing our responses to the current situation, as is everyone, but we can already tell there are some hidden blessings in this crisis. As a team, we are more in a state of mind to slow down a bit. Collaborate in new ways. And really consider what each client is working through across all levels, as a business and part of a community.  We were doing these things before, but now we’re even better at them.

As the weeks pass, we are looking forward to gathering these lessons and using them across our work. We believe down the road, we may really value and enjoy not going to back to “normal,” whatever that is. Or was.

Reach out today to SJC Marketing if you need someone to sit down with and talk about what’s next. Our table is open, and there’s a seat for you, in flexible and creative ways you might expect. Or not expect.

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