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Monday Morning Coffee and Building Your Legacy

SJC Marketing shares one of their favorite places to grab a delicious drink on date night.

Nothing is more synonymous with St. Joseph, Missouri than the Pony Express. For its short 18 months that it was in operation, it’s incredible that the service it provided is still being talked about today. Closing the gap between the Gold Rush and the expansion of both railroad and telegraph lines, the Pony Express was the fastest way to move mail across the country.

Its importance isn’t celebrated only in St. Joe. In schools across the country, students learn about how the fastest horses and riders were utilized to keep communication flowing. The profile of the typical Pony Express rider was that they were courageous, could withstand drastic changes in weather extremes and had an unusual level of perseverance. They could not be over the age of eighteen, must be skinny and wiry, and even willing to risk their lives on a daily basis. And over 200 riders answered the call to be a Pony Express employee.

One employment qualification that says it all: Orphans preferred.

Riders for the Pony Express must be thin, wiry and preferably orphans. Over 200 young men became riders on the route.

The legacy that the Pony Express riders left stays with us, not only because they provided such a critical service, but because they represented some qualities of the American spirit that people still want to celebrate: courage, perseverance and a willingness to sacrifice your well-being for the greater good.

Your company can learn something from examining the legacy of the Pony Express.

What emotional response do you want to be associated with your brand? Maybe you offer financial advising, so you want to be remembered as a company that equipped people with the security they needed for their investments.

Instead, you might be offering an entertainment venue, and you would like families to remember good times connecting at your location.

There are ways to develop a legacy that helps people and inspires them to carry on the values that are so important to your brand. For instance, you might partner with other businesses with the same values to support a local charity. Or, you might organize an annual event that provides a valuable service to the community, such as a shredding day or a free educational opportunity.

Want to talk about ways to build your company legacy? We can’t think of a better start than a long chat over a good cup of coffee. Contact us at SJC Marketing, and let’s talk.

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